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We Can Help When

  • Companies are looking to take their risk management to a new level with an infusion of focus, energy, and passion.
  • Companies are longing for practical and actionable ideas to help reduce risk.
  • Business owners are unsure of their liability exposure because of growing safety concerns or added levels of staffing.
  • Companies are seeking a competitive advantage by being proactive and increasing productivity.

Our Process

How We Help

Our Services

THE OLD SAYING, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, shouldn’t strike anyone as a “new” idea. But, looking towards the future and evaluating potential issues often takes more perspective than one organization can muster.

You have access to over five decades of professional experience in the fields of Insurance, Bonds, Human Resources, Industrial Safety, Worker’s Comp, and Injury Prevention & Management.

Our Services

Workplace Safety

  • OSHA Visits
  • Written Safety Programs
  • Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Job Site Visits
  • Safety Committee Meetings
  • JHAs & SOPs
  • New Employee Orientation
  • ISNET & Avetta Management
  • DOT Compliance Administration
  • Driver Qualification & Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Program Management
  • Environmental Compliance & Testing
  • Bi-Annual Re-inspections
  • Equipment Training & Certification
  • Industrial Hygiene Compliance & Testing
  • Safety Training
Our Services


Insurance is a staple of business risk management, but insurance companies can be a little “charge first and ask questions later”. At Momentiv we play the good cop, making sure our partners understand your motives and see your side of the case. We investigate your passions and question what keeps you up at night, giving us the insight needed to craft realistic solutions that have your back.

Our Services

Human Resources

Your employees need retirement savings, health insurance, employee manuals, and resolutions to large-hat-related conflicts. These are some of Momentiv’s magical powers. We relieve stress, lighten your workload, all while enchanting compliance & critical administrative tasks, regardless of your employee’s size.

Our Services

Workplace Safety

You wouldn’t ship something valuable without proper packaging, not if you wanted it to arrive in one piece. Your people are way more precious to your business then any package. When preparing your people for all of business’s journeys, you owe it to them to take appropriate precautions. We advance your awareness to workplace hazards, injuries, and downtime to mitigate risk and prevent loss, creating optimum efficiency. Consider us your “business bubble-wrap”.

Our Process

Our Services

( 1 )


We get to know you and your business.

( 2 )


We find hidden hazards and key risk areas that can impact your business.

( 3 )


We develop an ongoing strategy to prevent and manage risk effectively.

( 4 )


We educate you and your employees on sustaining a safe workplace.

( 5 )


Momentiv will help support your business every step of the way.


Meet & Discover

The initial step in our process is to set up a meet and greet with the client where we like to briefly introduce ourselves and explain what we do. We believe in the power of face-to-face meetings and discussions in order to get to the point quickly and eliminate any assumptions. We then ask the client to do the same and usually ask them more probing questions to get a good idea of what they do and why, who their customer is, and if possible what their goals are. Finally, we ask why they asked to meet with us or why they agreed to meet with us if we called on them. Throughout this short relationship-building discovery process we’re trying to determine if the client has a true need and whether we’re a good fit for them. The need involves whether they believe they have an issue, are out of compliance, or just know they need to up their safety game. The fit part comes down to whether they care about and have empathy for their employees. Our services are only as successful as the buy-in from the owners and managers of the client we’re meeting with. Toward the end of this first meeting, we will explain our process and that the first step is for us to perform a Full Audit of their current programs, policies, and procedures; an interview of a few employees, and a Mock OSHA Inspection of their facilities, shop, job sites, etc. We charge for this first step and it is mandatory for us to move forward with any client. We wrap up the meet and greet by scheduling the audit or putting a simple proposal together to the cost of the audit.


Audit & Inspection

We perform a Full Audit of the client’s safety where we review all policies, programs, and procedures to see if they’re up to date; available to employees; if employees are aware of them; been used for training; and used to document any training, near misses, incidences. We interview a handful of employees of their knowledge of the company safety to gain a good understanding of the safety culture and management involvement and role, as well as to gauge the employee’s interest in safety.

We perform a similar DOT Audit reviewing all drivers’ files, policies, programs, and procedures to see if they’re up to date and in compliance. This is similar to the safety audit as it’s more policy-based but depends on whether the client uses vehicles in their business that are bound by DOT Regulations.

We perform a Mock OSHA Inspection of all buildings, facilities, shops, worksites, manufacturing lines, etc., which sounds exactly like what it is. We’ve taken our experience on being called in to participate in our clients’ surprise OSHA Inspections with an OSHA Inspector and used the knowledge of what OSHA looks for to provide clients with a preventative version of those inspections. We’re much more respectful than OSHA would be but we don’t hold back. We try to catch every single violation OSHA would. We interview employees, dig for information and are as thorough as possible in order to provide the client with the most information possible in order for them to use to improve upon.


Report / Recommendations

After completing the audit and inspection we use the information to compile a full report of our findings, including pictures of any OSHA violations. We research and include the applicable statute to the violation we found so that our information has the background to it. We then include any DOT violations we found including the statutes to back them up. We then include and recommend any and all common best practices that are not being followed and why they should be. Finally, we include a checklist of items that need to be corrected in the order of their importance as well as what programs and training are missing and need to be added. After compiling this report, editing it, and having it professionally bound for the client we sit back down with them and go through the entire report page by page.

*(At this point the client has received what they have initially paid for and if they wanted to take it into their own hands they certainly can.)*


Proposal for Service

When we are putting the report together we also simultaneously use the information to put together a complete Proposal for Service, usually on an annual basis, depending on the time of year and how far the client is from where they need to be. The proposal is always in the same order and consists of: newly written safety programs and a professionally printed manual; monthly safety training that follows the written programs; creation of and facilitation of a safety committee and meetings; semi-annual re-inspections; DOT compliance; JHA or job hazard analysis; SOP or standard operating procedures; forklift or equipment training and certification; new employee safety orientation; job site visits; special projects.


Service Agreement

After we’ve gone through the proposal with the client we immediately discuss where and what they would like to start with. The proposal usually includes extra service based on our experience that wasn’t initially talked about and we discuss all options in order for the client to determine their initial budget. I say initial because anytime a client starts with less than the full proposal they end up asking us to add it in soon after we start working with them. Once a budget is determined we draft a simple two-page service agreement, used to highlight the scope of work, a timeline for service, and a payment plan. Clients aren’t bound by it like a contract. We use it as a formal guide as we’re in a relationship-building stage with them.


Safety Service

Once the budget and payment plan have been agreed upon, and the service agreement is signed, the work to keep your people safe begins.

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